UFOs And Dead Alien Bodies Are Being Stored But Not In Area 51

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Everyone has an opinion about Area 51 and what may or may not be contained there. Even those who would not consider themselves a conspiracy theorist has their suspicions of what top-secret government actions are taking place at the Nevada desert location. However, many are now coming forward to say that while Area 51 does have its secrets, the real action is in an underground bunker in the Papoose Mountain Range a few miles away.

Area 51 rose to fame when in 1947, it is believed an alien spacecraft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. For days government officials scoured the site of what they alleged to be an Air Force balloon crash making sure to erase any traces of what had occurred. People involved with the recovery of the craft stated that the remains of any ship or passengers thereof were hurriedly carried away to what they believed the destination to be Area 51.

Underground and Under Wraps

Recently, some in the watchdog community have theorized that while Area 51 does house secret government military technologies, any alien tech is stored approximately 15 miles away from the famous site. It could be that the government allows speculation to run rampant about Area 51 to draw attention away from the true site of the government alien archives.

This mountain site would be the perfect place to hideaway and experiment with found alien technology and perhaps study beings from other worlds who found themselves stranded on our planet. Away from public eyes and with Area 51 shouldering the majority of suspicion, those officials and scientists at the Papoose Mountain facility would be more free to develop the government’s own devices and weaponry.

If the government were in possession of alien spacecraft, it is certain that its top priority would be to re-create the technology contained within for its own advancement. This is what Jan Harzan, Executive Director of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) believes makes up close to ten percent of the reported UFO sightings his organization receives. MUFON dedicates itself to documenting any sightings of strange aircraft so concerned individuals can look for correlation and validation between their own personal experience of extraterrestrial beings or crafts and those of similarly minded people around the globe.

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