Top 10 Most Ancient Cities in Arabic Countries

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The ancient Egyptians were one of the few civilizations that stood side by side with that of Roman and Greek; it was equally important and effective. They have affected other countries by way of trade, through its roads traveled their inventions and knowledge as well. Ancient Egyptian civilization, however, was not as widespread as that of the Greek. The Romans occupied many of the world’s countries and built a big number of temples and theaters wherever they go; the thing that led to the spreading of their civilization. As for the ancient Egyptians, they were more focused in the African countries and specifically Egypt. You would find their cities and monuments in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Tunisia as well. If it happened that you paid a visit to some of the middle eastern countries, put it in your list to tour this mixture of Greek and Egyptian old cities in Africa. They are mostly ruined so do not overhype!

10. Palmyra

The ancient world was either a settlement to the Greek or the Roman, their civilizations were so powerful that they penetrated many countries all around the world. You find Greek monuments in the Arab world, in Europe and so much in Turkey and Greece itself. So even the ancient African cities were affected by Romans civilizations and architecture. Palmyra in Syria is a beautiful city that followed the Roman track, unfortunately, all what remains of it are the ruins.

9. Abu Simbel

Now this is a purely ancient African that is based in Egypt. The city is home for king Ramesses II temples, they are two of the rarest temples that were kept in a good state as you can see the different statues of kings sitting outside.

8. Abydos

Another city located in ancient Egypt is Abydos. Everyone interested in exploring the history of kings and queens from the age of Pharaoh will find a wealth here as Abydos is the homely home for a considerable umber of different temples and tombs.

7. Apamea

A beautifully built ancient city, Apamea, is located in Syria and was affected by the Roman architectural genius; but like many others the city turned into ruins and all what remains of it are some of the pillars that used to surround the city.

6. Babylon

Once the center of knowledge and civilization, the Iraqi city of Babylon ages more than 5000 years old. Today the city is nothing but remains , and even these ruins are decreasing everyday.

5. Bulla Regia

In Tunisia, the Bulla Regia has a tinge of suspense into it that engrosses people with the love of discovery and exploration; as the city’s underground is home for many ancient mansions and temples. The ambitious Julius Caesar worked over linking this ancient city to the Roman empire, the thing he finally managed to do in 64 BC.

4. Byblos

In Lebanon, many civilizations have ruled the city of Byblos leaving traces of them in the form of ruined monuments. The Phoenician and Roman ones are the most prominent of among them.

3. Carthage

Although not heard of except for the concert it holds every year, Carthage is a historical city that used to be one of the great ancient powers located in Tunisia. It was once an armed city who was able to counteract the Roman empire, the thing that hurt the city badly.

2. Cyrene

In Lybia, Cyrene is home for some of the great ruined monuments of both Greek and Roman empires, famous among them is the Amphitheatre used to belong to the Romans.

1. Dendera

A not well known city on the world level is the city of Dendera that is located not so far from Luxor. Many tombs and temples including that of goddess Hathor proudly stands there.

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