Three mysterious ancient maps you’ve probably never heard of before

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2. The controversial Dahska Stone: A 120 Million-year-old map

The Dahska stone is a rather controversial artifact that according to many is one of the oldest maps of the world.

Also known as the map of the creator, the stone tablet has baffled experts ever since it was discovered in 1999. While some consider it ludicrous, Russian scientists estimate that this stone map is around 120 million years old.

According to reports, the Dashka stone map depicts the Ural Mountains and includes a series of civil engineering projects and around 12,000 kilometers of channels, dams, and hieroglyphs of an unknown origin.

Experts believe that given the accuracy and perspective, the map was created from an aerial point of observations. Archeologists from the Bashkir State University discovered the Dashka stone in the Ural Mountains of eastern Russia on July 21, 1999.

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