Three mysterious ancient maps you’ve probably never heard of before

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One of the most curious ancient maps is the 120 Million-year-old map called ‘the map of the creator’. According to Russian experts, the maps is a staggering 120 million years old, and depicts the Ural Mountains and includes a series of civil engineering projects and around 12,000 kilometers of channels, dams, and hieroglyphs of an unknown origin.

In today’s society, the concept of the map is closely linked to new technologies, browsers, and Google Maps,a kind of magic modern window through which we can discover the world. However, hundreds and even thousands of years ago people created all sorts of maps leading to mysterious places. In this article, we take a look at three mysterious ancient maps that most of the readers probably never heard of before.

1. The oldest astrological map of the world

The sky has been mapped since antiquity as shown by this astrological chart discovered in 1983 inside a funeral chamber in Ausaka, a town in the prefecture of Nara, Japan.

The Kitora Tomb, as it is known, was built during the  VII and VIII centuries as a resting place for an aristocrat of the reign of Emperor Tenmu.

The small pantheon, 1 meter in height and around 2.4 long, is perfectly aligned with the four cardinal points indicated with their respective symbols: Northern Black Turtle, Eastern Blue Dragon, Southern Red Bird, and Western White Tiger.

Curiously, on the roof of the tomb, we find an astrological mural composed of a series of concentric circles that overlap at some points, between which we find depictions of the constellations, represented by small discs of golden sheets.

In this intricate ancient composition, we can also see numerous mythological elements and the zodiacal signs.

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