Top 5 Of The Most Incredible Life Hacks For Lighters

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Chances are, you probably have a few lighters lying around your house. Most people keep a lighter handy for the more common uses, including:

  • Igniting a stove or barbecue,
  • Lighting candles,
  • Burning incense.

However, there are more uses for lighters than you may have originally thought. There are a number of ways to hack basic lighters for cool effects. YouTube channel WEAREX has created a tutorial on alternative ways to play with lighters. The creator of the video starts by reminding the viewers that “fire is very dangerous” and you should not try this at home. So please proceed with caution! cool stuff, cool stuff

Here are 5 incredible lighter hacks. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. You can easily turn the flint from your lighter into a cracker bomb firework. All you have to do is remove the spark wheel and pull out the spring and flint.

Insert the flint into the end of the spring by entangling it within. Then, hold a flame from a lighter over the flint until it starts glowing from the heat.

To watch it explode like a tiny firework, throw the flint against a non-flammable surface and it will proceed to spark wildly upon impact.

For the best results, try this experiment at night and preferably outside to risk anything catching on fire. Make sure to use caution while lighting and flowing the flint, it’s best to use something like pliers to avoid risking touching it.

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