7 Unprecedented Archaeological Discoveries That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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3. A massive spiral-shaped structure and a set of towers discovered underneath Angkor Wat

Recently, reaches have made an incredible discovery below one of the most important temples on the planet, Angkor Wat. New findings suggest the temple of Angkor Wat was bounded by a ‘mysterious structure’ of 1.5 km in length. Eight buried towers and the remains of a massive spiral-shaped structure have been discovered under the ancient temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which, in the light of the new findings is believed to be much larger than previously thought. In the new project called The Greater Angkor Project, researchers learnt that the Angkor Wat complex is much larger than previously believed, with a number of components that were not visible prior to the study. Researchers also discovered that the complex was bounded on its southern side by a ‘unique and massive structure’.

According to researchers, the towers form a square which could have been sued in the past to provide support for a much larger structure. Experts believe the structure might have been some sort of sanctuary that was used during the construction of Angkor Wat.

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