6 Mysterious Cases of People Who Disappeared After Seeing UFOs

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Every day, thousands of people are reported missing. Some run away from their lives to start anew, but, statistically-speaking, most are the victims of a crime, whether it be a kidnapping, abduction, murder, or otherwise. However a small fraction of these disappearances can all be connected by reported sightings of UFOs. After witnessing strange aircraft’s in the sky people simply vanished into thin air, baffling the police despite decades of investigation and research. What follows is a list of the five most intriguing cases, along with some potential explanations for what happened to these people who now number among the disappeared.

1. A Mid-Flight Disappearance

Lieutenant Felix Moncla was stationed at the Kinross Air Force Base in Michigan when an unidentified flying object was spotted on the radar. Moncla along with radar observer Robert Wilson were sent to investigate with an F-89 Scorpion interceptor but disappeared after overcoming and seemingly merging with the UFO. As events unfolded, Moncla closed in on the object after crossing Lake Superior moving at 500 miles per hour but then vanished. No wreckage was ever found, and there is no record of any other planes in that region of sky. So, what happened to Moncla and his F-89 Scorpion?

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