5 Terrifying & Most Convincing Bigfoot Encounter Stories

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One of the most enduring legends of all time is the existence of Bigfoot, a huge man like primate that is claimed to dwell in the forests and wilderness all over North America. Its existence is the subject of heated debate, and real or not countless hours and dollars have been invested into trying to obtain hard evidence of the elusive beast. But, if these five encounters are to be believed, anyone who’s planning a Sasquatch hunting expedition may want to think again about venturing into the woods.

5. Albert Ostman

In 1924 Albert Ostman, a Canadian gold prospector decided that he was going to scout a new area near the Toba Inlet in British Columbia to see if it had any gold yield. Ostman was accompanied to the area by a Native American guide. However, when they reached a certain point the guide refused to go any further, and he warned Ostman to do the same because the area was the domain of “man-beasts”. Ostman thought this was mere superstition and trekked on alone.

Problems arose as soon as Ostman set up his tent for the night. He would awaken each morning to find that an animal had silently been through his belongings in the night, at first Ostman thought it was a bear, but he was confused as to why there were no claw or tooth marks on his stuff. On the fourth night as Ostman slept in his sleeping bag, he claims he felt a huge hand grab him, heave him over a massive shoulder and began carrying him through the forest. After what felt like an eternity Ostman was finally put down, and he was horrified to see he was on a plateau, miles away from his campsite and surrounded by four huge, hair-covered creatures.

The beasts did not attack Ostman, but they also did not let him leave their sight. He was forced to live with the family of creatures, which he described as “a mother, a father and two children” for a week, though he had his gun, he feared they were so massive that shooting one would only make the others angry. One day the huge male grabbed his snuff box and ate the whole contents, then ran off in search of water, while the family was panicked Ostman claimed he made a run for it, grabbing only his gun, and ran for his life through the woods until he got to a river where he was picked up by rafters.

Ostman kept his story a secret for 24 years until in 1957 he finally came forward and told a national newspaper.

4. The Ruby Creek incident

Jeannie Chapman was startled one afternoon in September 1941 when her young son came home terrified, claiming to have seen a “cow” coming out of the woods next to the house. Perplexed as to why a cow would have her child so scared Jeannie walked onto her porch where she saw a very large, dark shape moving through the underbrush. Thinking it was a bear Jeannie called her other two children inside, but, after realising it had been spotted, the creature raised up to its full height and stared straight at the shocked family. Jeannie realised that this was no bear. Instead, she described it as a “giant man, covered in dark brown hair”. The huge beast began to head straight for Jeannie and the kids.

Jeannie quickly took her children and fled to the nearby town, where she took refuge with friends, there she exclaimed that her husband, George would soon arrive home from work, and the creature may be waiting for him. Luckily, by the time George did get home the Bigfoot was long gone, but his home had been ransacked, his front door caved inwards, and a 55-gallon barrel of dried fish had been smashed open, and its contents were eaten.

After reuniting with his family George gathered a group of men with guns and dogs to wait in his house the next night to see if the creature would return, and while at one point in the night the dogs went berserk nobody ever spotted the creature, only it’s huge footprints in the dirt the next morning. The Chapmans, no longer feeling safe in their own home moved away from Ruby Creek the following summer.

But, this is not where the story ends, some Native American traditions state that to see a Bigfoot is a bad omen and those who encounter one will die soon. The Chapman’s youngest daughter died of an illness just the following year, and their two sons, as well as Jeannie and George, were all drowned when their canoe capsized, every member of the Chapman family was dead just three years after their Bigfoot encounter.

3. The Attack On Christina Van Acker

In 1965 American headlines were filled with a very strange story that occurred in Monroe County, Michigan.

According to a police statement given by 17-year-old Christina Van Acker and her mother, Ruth Owens the pair were driving home one evening when there was a loud thud, as though their car had hit something. Not seeing anything in the headlights a perplexed Christina rolled down the driver side window to see if there was anything lying in the road. As soon as she did so a huge arm covered in black hair thrust itself through the window and smashed Christina’s head against the car door knocking her unconscious. Christina’s screaming mother leapt from the car and got a good look at the attacker, which she claimed stood seven feet tall, was covered head to toe in jet black hair and “growled like a mad dog”.

Ruth’s screams alerted nearby neighbours who came running out to investigate, by the time they reached the car the monster had vanished back into the woodland. Paramedics and the police were called, and Christina received a black eye but no other major injuries.

2. The Siege Of Honobia

The Siege of Honobia is one of the most infamous cases in Sasquatch history; it occurred in January 2000 when a man, known simply as Mike bought a 30-acre property in rural Honobia, Oklahoma.

Mike and his family excitedly moved to their new home and for the first few months, things seemed normal. Then, one night Mike was awakened suddenly by a loud banging at the front door, Mike rushed down to see that nobody was there, but the incidents continued night after night and one night Mike saw a shadowy figure run past his bedroom window which was 8 feet off the ground.

The incidents soon became darker; Mike awoke one morning to find that all 30 of his chickens had disappeared from their coop; his shed was broken into, and all of the deer meat inside had been stolen. Mike’s children would come in terrified, ranting about “monsters”, and one night while Mike and his brother Tim were enjoying a family dinner a deafening scream came from the forest that was so loud it shook the china in the cabinet. It was after this incident that Tim decided that, even though he didn’t know what was going on, he knew his brother needed help.

So the brothers stayed up one night with the intention of shooting whatever was causing this. They were horrified when a huge man-like face suddenly appeared in the window and began growling at the brothers, the two brothers rushed to the porch and shot the creature while it was fleeing back into the dark. It stumbled and fell down, and to the brother’s complete shock and horror three more creatures appeared from nowhere and carried the dead body away.

It was after this that things intensified, the remaining Bigfoot, seemingly wanting vengeance began to rattle doorknobs, punch windows and doors in an attempt to get inside the house and at the family inside. This proved to be the final straw, and the family decided to pack up and leave the home to the creatures, reporting their story to the BFRO, a group dedicated to researching Bigfoot sightings across the US.

1. The Leflore County Massacre

Oklahoma seems to be a hotbed of violent human-bigfoot encounters as can be seen with this historical account.

The Choctaw Native American tribe had long known of Bigfoot, they worshipped them in their legends and had lived alongside them for thousands of years, so they were not concerned when they would occasionally steal supplies from camp. However, when a child went missing in the dead of night in 1855, followed by another, then more, the Choctaw knew action needed to be taken.

Their weapons were not powerful enough to handle the creatures, so they sought out help from other settlers. This was a time when relations between settlers and natives was anything but amicable, and they were laughed off by many for their silly superstitions. But there was one man who listened, cavalry Captain Joshua Leflore was part Choctaw and was respectful of the Native beliefs, besides, if they were willing to ask for help then he knew there must be a good reason.

Leflore organised a party of Natives and settlers, all armed with rifles designed to bring down buffalo, and they headed out to find the child stealers. The group hacked their way through the unforgiving Oklahoma wilderness for days, until eventually, they came across a gigantic mound of dirt, littered with the gnawed bones of children inside. As the men try to process the horrific sight four of the creatures charged from the forest in an ambush. Carnage ensued, with the result being many of the men, including Leflore lying dead, as well as the four Sasquatch. The remaining native warriors gave all of the dead a warrior’s burial and burned the bodies of the dead Bigfoot to ash as a show of vengeance.

This story may seem fanciful, but military records do show a captain Joshua Leflore of Choctaw heritage was in service from 1830-1855, and his death is listed as happening in 1855 in Oklahoma Indian Territory, and Native Americans have long told of Bigfoots stealing away children to eat.

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