5 Places The CIA Doesn’t Want You To Know About

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Since the creation of the CIA in 1947, this government agency has been collecting and analysing data from across the globe (and perhaps from other planets). This type of information can range from terrorism missions to nuclear threats to interplanetary relations.

But where do the CIA collect and keep this data? Where and from whom exactly do they find it? The five places discussed below might shed some light on the dark secrets of the Central Intelligence Agency.

5. Underground Somalian Prison

Located in the basement of the Somalian NSA building in the capital of Mogadishu, this underground prison holds about fifty prisoners including members of terrorist groups and even citizens from Western countries.

Previous captives of this small, secret prison claim that the cells are dark, humid, and foul-smelling and that the beds are dirty and crawling with bugs. Another prisoner said that he was dragged from his Kenyan home, had a bag placed over his head, hands tied, and was flown to the prison where he stayed for almost two years. He was not allowed to contact a lawyer or leave his cell for the duration of his stay and was interrogated by hundreds of people from different countries and races.

Why this prison exists is unclear due to the secrecy that it is shrouded in. No one really knows who is held there and for what reasons, and for how long. The information received comes solely from former prisoners’ stories, so it’s hard to say exactly what goes on in this little-known prison.

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