23 Sweet Lifehacks You Never Knew You Needed

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The more I write about random lifehacks, the more I’m sharing them with the people around me. Just this morning I was advocating for the many uses of Dawn dish soap to get pretty much anything out of clothing. cool stuff, cool stuff

It seems like every day I’m sharing some sort of hack or using one for myself. I even had to explain what a “hack” is to my boyfriend’s mom, and she realized she’s been using lifehacks pretty much her whole life.

Here’s a bunch of lifehacks you probably never knew you needed! cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Use a skateboard to help move things around your home.

Don’t have a dolly, but have a skateboard? While I wouldn’t recommend it for large loads, this could definitely work in a pinch. I mean, why not give it a try? cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Use the clips from a grocery store balloon in your kitchen.

This is a great story from Reddit user AllMineAreTaken. Their grocery store hands out balloons attached to clips for kids, so they take them home and use them in the kitchen.

3. Pool noodles make great barriers for kids who like to roll around in the bed.

This is super handy if you are staying somewhere where beds are high off the ground or aren’t childproof. Pool noodles are also super cheap to buy!

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