7 Easy Ways To Clean Grease And Oil In The Kitchen

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A dirty kitchen is no one’s favorite. Especially if that dirty kitchen is splattered with grease and oil from that delicious meal you prepared. Once that grease and oil dry, it’s a real pain to get off – unless you use these clever grease-removing hacks.

A sponge with water will only get you so far when removing caked on grease. Try these 7 awesome grime-removing tips instead.

No need to scrub and scour the kitchen for hours – these kitchen hacks will save you so much time.

1. Flour

It’s strange to think that you’d use flour to clean up a mess, but it’s actually amazing for soaking up grease. If you’ve spilled oil or grease while cooking, it’s best to clean it up right away. All you need to do is sprinkle some flour over the spill, let the flour absorb the oil or grease, and wipe away with a damp paper towel.

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