12 Household Items That Do Double Duty in the Kitchen & Beyond

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There’s nothing in this life that we love more than making one ingredient or one food tool do multiple things. It saves money! It saves time! It makes us look smart at cocktail parties!Without further ado, here are several ways to save money, waste less food, and make the most out of what’s already inside your cupboards and drawers.

1. Use Spaghetti to Keep Frosted Cakes Looking Pretty

Need to protect a prettily frosted cake before it gets served? You don’t need to buy a cake saver. With the help of some plastic wrap and spaghetti noodles broken into smaller pieces, you can create a clear tent that will protect your cake from the elements until you get to your destination.




Once you arrive, simply remove the wrap and the noodle pieces and dip a butter knife in warm water to smooth out the holes. If you’re the one bringing the birthday cake, you’re in luck—you can use candles instead to prop up the plastic wrap. Toothpicks also work if you don’t have spaghetti.
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