10 Paper Towel Hacks for Your Kitchen & Beyond

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The paper towel is a wondrous invention. It allows cooks to wipe up really gross stuff without having to constantly do laundry and drain fried foods so they’re crunchy and crispy instead of oily and heavy. But did you know that your humble paper towel has several other uses besides the obvious ones? Read on to find out these essential hacks.

1. Use a Paper Towel to Prevent Oil Drips

If you use a lot of cooking oil in your kitchen, you know that it’s hard to prevent drops of the stuff from rolling down the side. Your bottle then feels greasy and is hard to hold, or worse, you start seeing oil rings on your counters and cabinet shelves.

Well, here comes the mighty paper towel to the rescue. Fold one up and wrap it around the bottle with a rubber band to secure it, and you’ll prevent those drips for good.

This is a must-have hack for any olive oil lover.

Image by Grant Butler/Oregon Live

OregonLive points out you can also use an old wrist band if you want to skip the paper towel part. In my family, we sometimes used a regular piece of notebook paper instead of a paper towel because yes, we were that cheap. You can also cut off the tops of old tube socks and they’ll work, too.
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