16 Smart Lifehacks That Pack A Surprising Punch

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Lifehacks are my jam. Usually, you can find a way to get something done quicker, easier, and — most importantly — cheaper by getting clever with the things you already have on hand.

There are approximately eleventy-bajillion lifehacks out there on the internet, so let me help you out by sharing some of my personal faves. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Make perfect grilled cheese for a crowd with two sheet pans.

Preheat your oven with both sheet pans inside so that they get warm. This will ensure that the bread gets toasty before the cheese oozes everywhere. cool stuff, cool stuff

Lay out the sandwiches on one tray and press the second tray down on top before baking in the oven until golden.

2. Make a seatbelt retract smoothly with polish.

The tiniest bit of friction can cause a seatbelt to keep getting caught in the door. Spray a bit of surface polish under where the seatbelt feeds to solve the friction problem easily.

3. Use a ruler to hold a book open.

Readers have mastered the trick of holding a book open with thumb and pinky, but for longer books or the larger, mass-market paperbacks, it can be cumbersome. A short ruler can do the hard work for you. cool stuff, cool stuff

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