10 Reasons For The Fall Of The Han Dynasty

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The Han dyasty is a period of Chinese history that lasted for over 1,000 years. It’s one of the longest lasting empires in history, but like all empires it eventually fell. But what was the reason for the fall of the Han Dynasty? There are countless reasons for the fall of the Han dynasty, some of which are common reasons why empires fall, and some are specific to the Han dynasty. This is a list of 10 reasons for the fall of the Han dynasty.

1. The Yellow Turban Rebellion/Decentralisation of Power

The Han entered a tail dive when the a huge rebellion took place led by a famous holy man. This was known as the Yellow Turban Rebellion, which was the largest of many rebellions taking place at the time. Advisers to the emperor (Emperor Ling of Han) convinced him that the revolts were happening because inspectors lacked administrative power. Emperor Ling decided to give the inspectors more power, and even the power to command armed forces, this was a mistake. Although the yellow turbans were eventually put down, Ling had given the inspectors (now called governors) the power to one day take over China.

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