10 Ghosts, Monsters, And Curses Of The American South

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From bayous covered in Spanish moss to the rugged foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the American South presents a legend-haunted landscape replete with many ghosts, ghouls, and monstrosities. Like the rest of America, the South is a repository of European, African, and Latin American folktales, all of which have been given a Southern flavor over the generations. Currently, the South is a hotbed of paranormal activity and supernatural sightings.

10. Two-Toed Tom

By the time that University of Alabama professor Carl Carmer set down the legend of Two-Toed Tom in his book Stars Fell on Alabama, the creature was described as a “red-eyed hell-demon” that took the form of a 4-meter-long (14 ft) alligator. Although many locals on the Florida-Alabama line may claim that the legend is ancient, most accounts of Two-Toed Tom started circulating in the 1920s.

Principally located in the town of Florala, Alabama, Two-Toed Tom is reportedly a great carnivore who likes to feast on livestock. Furthermore, it’s believed that Two-Toed Tom earned his moniker after getting his foot caught in a trap, thereby severing two toes on his left foot.

The most widely repeated account concerning Two-Toed Tom concerns his battle with a farmer by the name of Pap Haines. After finding one of his mules grotesquely mauled, Haines and his sons filled 15 syrup buckets with dynamite and tossed them all into a pond where they believed that Two-Toed Tom was digesting his latest meal.

Tragically, all the dynamite did was drive Two-Toed Tom out of the water. Once on land, the creature snatched Haines’s 12-year-old granddaughter and killed her. A distraught Haines vowed vengeance, but he failed to kill the beast. As such, a common rumor is that Two-Toed Tom is impervious to bullets.

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