10 Bloodthirsty Viking Warriors

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The Vikings were Norse seafarers, who traveled the ocean trading and raiding to their hearts content. They sailed all over Europe and although they were mostly traders, they were also pillagers and Viking warriors are known to be some of the most ferocious. All Viking men were required to own weapons, and were permitted to carry them at all times. Many Viking warriors would use axes which was strange for the time. They would also use swords and spears. At the start of a battle Viking warriors would fire off arrows but would normally switch to swords later. This was because bows and arrows were less honourable than swords.

1. Eric Bloodaxe

Eric killed anyone who got in the way of him achieving power, which meant murdering all but one of his brothers. This slaughter earned him the nickname “bloodaxe”. Eric’s only living brother was Haakon. He likely never killed Haakon because he was his younger brother, however this may have been a mistake. Haakon tried to claim the throne for himself, and Eric was forced to escape to the British Isles. Eric was said to be a harsh dictator and the nobility quickly grew to despise him. They were the ones who convinced Haakon to take the throne for himself. Even though Eric had been driven from his kingdom he was still a badass and managed to become king of Northumbria, twice.

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