10 Bloodiest Chinese Dynasties Ever

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A dynasty is a line of hereditary rulers of a civilisation. There are many Chinese dynasties throughout history but these ones were particularly violent. Dynasties rarely started or ended peacefully, in fact the majority of them were destroyed by rebellions or opposing factions. This is a list of the 10 bloodiest Chinese dynasties ever.

1. Eastern Zhou Period – 770 BC to 256 BC

The Warring States period of Chinese history followed the Spring and Autumn period, it was a period of bloody warfare in order to gain control of China. It happened during the Eastern Zhou period. There were seven main states contending for power in the region, these were Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Zhao, Han, and Wei. The Qin empire eventually conquered the other states and unified China under their rule. He established the first unified Chinese dynasty. It’s estimated that over 1.3 million people died fighting over this 255 year period. Qin won partly because of it’s technological innovations. Iron swords became common among the Qin army.

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